Not Another Mummy Blogger

I’m not your typical mummy blogger. I’m not here to show you my pristine house nor the gingerbread cookies I made with my son *hint: this is because I haven’t got either*. I’m not here to give you a Christmas gift guide of stuff that is as equally first world clutter as it is expensive. Well expensive, at least, to the average Australian who isn’t having it all gifted to them because they’re not an influencer.

Somedays I feel like I’m in a parallel universe. My house is a mess – no, I don’t clean up before I go to bed every night, so I start the day right the next morning. I do not have a super stylish home where everything matches and photographs well – even though I am a stylist by profession. I do not cook with my kids or make playdough for them. I do not spoil them with wooden, vintage-looking toys and clothes of every colour with matching shoes.

I do, however, yell a lot. Discipline a lot. I go outside a lot… sometimes even with the kids. We get dirty a lot – yep you will never find me wearing white. We cuddle a lot – especially if it means we can get out of cleaning. We do a shitload of running around, and we wear, as a family, just regular everyday clothes. No, we are not matchy-matchy or dressed like we are from a magazine 24/7, and I say this coming to in my sweaty “activewear” that I’ve managed to exercise in, clean the house in and play laser tag with the kids in. In fact, my boys would prefer to live in their Manchester United jerseys then wear anything I once dreamt my cool kids would wear.

We are the survivors. We are the realists. We are the everyday family with the everyday house full of clutter that sometimes makes you want to curl up in the foetal position and cry; however, Netflix and couch time wins out 99% of the time.

We are the majority. We are the ones who get that annoying feeling when we watch all these other seemingly perfect parents do all these perfect parent things who then show it off to the world. We are the eye-rollers because we know life with kids is… well, not that perfect – EVER!

Nobody is doing it better than anybody else. Nobody is more right than the other. We are all just doing the best WE CAN with the kids/family/support/money/life we have. No need to compare. No need to feel “less than” when you are eyebrowing the Instagram stories of others. Nobody is perfect, especially those who pretend they are.

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