Detour Ahead

It is a fact of life that the road to your goals will occasionally be bumpy. At times it will be hardcore bumpy and suck to high heavens. It will be harder than hard, and it will make you want to give up.

I know this because, for such a long time, I’ve been a quitter. When things got hard – I’d quit. When things even looked like they were going to get hard – I’d quit. It’s the fight or flight response. I guess I’m not much of a fighter.

I find losing weight is too hard. I start a new pill, potion or crazy diet but before long when it felt too hard, there was too much food to inhale or I was first-world “starving” … well, I’d quit…

An exercise plan? Day three, after finding every excuse under the sun not to be able to exercise anymore, yep too hard – I’m quitting.

A new writing schedule to keep my creative state alive and to fill up my cup? Yep, day one I’ve nailed it and the next – yep you guessed it – I’d quit.

But what I have come to realise in my forties is that each goal you set has an initial purpose. You’ve chosen this particular goal for a reason. The reason is the goal, not the other way round. And when you look at it like this, you realise that the bumps and the hard bits are just little detours and you just have to go around.

It’s like a detour on your way to a party that you’ve waited all decade for. Would you huff and puff, turn your car around and go back from where you came from never to arrive at that party? Or do you turn left and follow the detour signs until you reach your destination, albeit a few minutes later than expected?

Goals are great to have, BUT the purpose of those goals and the reason why you chose those goals are what will get you around, through or over those hard, bumpy bits.

So keep moving even if it requires a few backward steps or a little bit of extra time. You’ve got this. You deserve this. Life is too short for you not to be living this!

| London Dene |

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