F*ck Meditation. It’s a Thing.

I’m no angel lets get that clear from very early on in our time together. This blogger is no sweet, polite mannered, softly spoken woman. I like profanity, but only when used appropriately and yes there is an appropriate time to use it as well as many inappropriate times too! I don’t use it in everyday conversation, nor do I hang out of my car, yelling swear words at people. Still, it’s incredible to use when I’m wanting to up the ante in what I’m trying to say or do. So you can imagine my excitement when my bestie sent me a YouTube video called “F*ck Meditation” by Jason Headley.

I love a little bit of meditation but always find it challenging to truly immerse myself in it. So when I listened to F*ck Meditation, I felt I had found my kindred spirit. He had me at “Those bitches can’t get under your skin. They can’t even.” Please do yourself a favour and listen to it… I’ll link it below.

But back to the word F*ck. I mean it’s just a word, right? Yet studies have actually found that cursing can have a cathartic effect as well as having a positive impact on the perception of pain and with higher levels of tolerating it too.

Who knew?!

Well, we all did actually because the first thing most of us do when we stub our toe on the end of the bed is to say the f-word multiple times. Saying “Ouchies, ouchies. Gosh darn, it!” just does not, I repeat, DOES NOT have the same effect! Wouldn’t you agree?

If you find more meditations of this style let me know… I need more of it in my life. Not only do I feel more relaxed, but I also feel happier after listening to it – how about you?

Have a fucking great day!

| London Dene |

F*ck Meditation found here

“Studies” found here

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