Mothers of boys. You will know all about smells. Bad smells. Quite often I-can’t-breathe-thick-as-smog smells. Yep. Boys stink! Mums of boys raise your hand if you agree! Then wave in front of your face furiously because you’ve just been blessed with another little gas explosion from your little fart monsters.

For those of you that don’t have boys let me tell you they LOVE a fart or thirty and so, as a mother of four boys, that equates to 120 pungent-smelling gases filling my airways daily.

It’s almost like they save it up all day and the moment I pick them up from school, windows up, driving along, a thick green cloud fills my car. It happens so I often I now know who has farted. I no longer have to ask “Who Dunnit?” then listen to them all lie because my senses are so climatised to their butts and individual aromas. There is no getting away with it now.

My littlest boy thinks farting on your lap is funny. Or farting in front of your face. Or when he’s having a sleepover in your bed. He also now says, when I tell him he smells, that he “literally cannot feel it coming out of his butt.” Literally is a word he doesn’t even know the meaning of – he’s seven for god’s sake.

So mama’s of boys who fart, don’t squeeze them too hard or do, coz it won’t matter as they will still bless you with their butt odours regardless and I’m guessing you, like me, wouldn’t have it any other way.


True ^^^^ – LD x ||

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