Life & Death. We’re in Deep.

How is it that life can be so “normal” one moment and then upside down and inside out the next?

I have one word… Death. Or another… Life.

Because life and death go hand in hand.

Without one, there isn’t the other. Without death, how would we know to make life meaningful? Without an ending, how would we desire a great beginning and middle?

I’ve been seriously contemplating life lately. Extra deeply and way more than usual for me. What is it… Life? What does it all mean? What should we be doing with it? Does any of it really matter? Is there something else? Who am I to this world? What does my life contribute?

All my answers to these questions seem so insignificant to the greater scheme of things. To the big wide world.

I am wondering, in this moment of my life, if I should be doing more.

More creating. Contributing. Celebrating.

I’m lucky to be able to contemplate life and my existence because this is not something everyone has the privilege to do. After all, so many others on this earth are living in survival mode.

Wondering where their next shelter will be.

Wondering if they will be able to feed their children over the coming days.

Wondering if they’ll be able to keep warm throughout the winter.

Yes, I have the privilege to speak about the meaning of life. To ponder. To look deeper. To consider options. To HAVE options.

But I ask – what is it that you want to leave behind in this world? Why is it important to you? What is your life’s purpose? Do you even believe we need one?

And now, after answering these questions, what would you feel if you had been given months to live? Would it change the answers to those questions? Would your priorities change?

Of course, they would. There is no doubt in my mind that mine would, but is it possible to live with that mindset full time? It’s impractical in so many ways. But our mindset should include these throughout our days and be integral to what we choose to do each moment.

So, when you do something – do it with passion.
When you are with someone – listen intently and hug genuinely.
When you want to do something extraordinary – write it down and action it.
When you think of someone – ring them and say hello.

Hug harder. Love deeper. Speak truer. It has the be the little things that equate to big things to make our lives and time here valuable.

LD ||

From Untamed by Glennon Doyle “We will remain caged by this world instead of taking our rightful place as co-creators of it… When we use the language of indoctrination – with its should and shouldn’t, right and wrong, good and bad – we are activating our minds. That’s not what we are going for here. Because our minds are polluted by our training. To get beyond our training, we need to activate our imagination. Our minds are excuse-makers; our imaginations are storytellers. So instead of asking ourselves what’s right or wrong, we must ask ourselves: What is true and beautiful?

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